Construction set SEVA

Polytechnic construction set SEVA was launched in 1979 and became so popular that in 2014 celebrated its 35 th anniversary. SEVA construction set is creative, children develop the mind and manual dexterity and its variability will certainly appeal to you as well. You can build it functional vehicles, machinery, aircraft, buildings, furniture, boats, trains … Its age is not limited. Although as the manufacturer recommends kit for children aged 4 years. We have found that, under the supervision of parents with its play 3 year olds children. If we skip nursery school and school, then you can reveal that it builds like parents and even grandparents. Purely CZECH construction set SEVA does not contain dangerous phthalates, there is no reason why it should be missing in some children’s room. All the construction sets SEVA are also compatible with each other, so you can continually expand.

SEVA-ikona-mala Divka-ikona-mala Army-ikona-mala City-ikona-mala


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